Ilona (33), Ilya (9), Viktorya (7)

Saturday, March 5, 2022, Zilina

Children adapt to the new environment faster than adults. For them adapting seems not that easy. I feel like it will take them at least a few days to finally find the strength and go out again and be themselves. When they are not employed by their children, they are constantly looking helplessly at their phones. As if they still didn't believe what had happened. They watch the news, look at the painful footage from their hometowns. They try to spread the information further, sharing it with family, friends, but especially others who also do not believe. But for other reasons. For Ilona, ​​this is a form of a fight. She saved her children and is now fighting hew own way. She used to work in a bank. Her husband was a builder. She manages to make a joke with sadness in her eyes saying that her husband will not be short of work after the war. Our conversation ended with a phone call. It looks like her loved ones are still fine. 

"We are from the city of Kolomia, from the Ivano-Franconian region. We were awakened by the sounds of explosions on the morning of February 24. The bombing of a military airport has begun not far from where we live. We were hiding for a few days at first, hoping that some diplomatic negotiations would take place that would end the conflict quickly. As the situation did not improve, we agreed with my husband that I would leave with our children to keep them safe. This way even he would be able to feel better, knowing we are safe."

"My husband had to stay at home. My father also decided to stay, although he didn't have to. He is more than 60 years old, but he says that if necessary, he will take up arms and defend the city where he lives, even though he is Russian himself."

"We are a peaceful nation, we do not want a war. We want to go home. Ukraine was no danger to Russia. There are many other nations in Ukraine who speak other languages ​​and we have never oppressed them, on the contrary, we have lived together in understanding and peace."